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Welcome to Our Student Galleries

Here you will find some pertintent links that connect to many of my student websites. The objective of this site is to provide a central hub where all gallery links can be found. At the moment we only have a small amount of content, but this will grow over the upcoming year.



Ariel Adams Studies with Transparencies

I approached the assignment with the idea of using opaque color swatches to give the illusion of transparency rather than thinning out the paint. for the image I wanted to find something that would allow me to analyze a wide range of hue and value to create an abstracted sense of space. I have a fair amount of glass in the house, so I took pictures of things overlapping and repetition of line and shape. the only things that were manipulated on these were the color saturations and the contrast. The appearance of the objects, along with the way they warp space is how it really looked.
  Best Friend

Michelle O'Patick Limbo

My artwork may fit into the category of portraiture. My drawings and prints, like most portraits, are visual depictions of a figure in an environment. They capture a person's outward appearance. Symbols and the environment surrounding the figure, mood created through values used, and marking vocabulary all combine to give insight into the subject's inner self. A psychological portrait emerges. My work reflects an interest in change and all that it encompasses: new directions, waiting, feelings of being in limbo and being uprooted, lack of comfort, the passage of time, and a sequence of coincidences. The work contains various visual elements representative of change. Map imagery symbolizes new direction. Falling, floating figures are human representations of the state of limbo. The harsh, desert landscape easily lends itself to being a menacing, uncomfortable environment in which to place the figures. Scorpions and cactus with reaching alins and sharp needles appear to be painful, frightening elements in some instances and yet at other times seem to be a support system on which the figure rests. The works take on a dreamlike quality. The figure is surrounded by images that may be interpreted as daydreams. There is a sense of reminiscence as if the figure isn't really in that environment, but is remembering;imagining, or inventing her own reality. From night terrors to angels, the images embody the characteristics of fear, discomfort, and acceptance: feelings that are autobiographical in nature and yet are universal reactions to change.
  Laken Bridges Passage

Ani Volkan MFA Exhibition 2009

"Art is grounded in the realization of our interconnectedness and intersubjectivity—the intertwining of self and others…" – Suzi Gablik

Each piece I make is then a story from a memory completed upon the act of viewing. The photographs, materials, and processes used to actually put the work together are merely tools used to cobble that story together. They move from the realm of pictures to actual objects, as they evoke the material presence of my family and my heritage, and give tangible existence to their life and impact. The images used are meant to be the doorway to the threshold of my past and history as well. The photographs invoke the sense of the familiar as the obscured image could not only be my grandmother but yours as well.

My role as a teacher is to not only present students with the technical and aesthetic information necessary in the creation of art but to encourage them to develop as independent artists. In the classroom, I strive to achieve this through a balancing of objective goals and assignments with an open dialogue. I make accessible to my students the physical tools and materials needed to make art along with an understanding of the concepts of art all to promote personal growth. As a teacher it is not enough to be merely instructive but you must be engaging, and thought provoking. Provide the essentials but inspire to go beyond the basic.
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