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Welcome to Ralph Slatton's Art Hub

Here you will find some pertintent links that connect to many of my personal websites. The objective of this site is to provide a central hub where all my links can be found. Most of my websites deal with issues of art works, accomplishments as art professor, student accomplishments, art reviews, and creative duties at East Tennessee State University. This is a kind of outline that brings to focus all my career accomplishments in one centralized location. In future months I will also attempt to consolidate links to those who have written about my work, as well as, an archive of news clippings.



News Items

Here you will find links to both current news items and also archived events, relating to both me and my students. Since documentation is important to the artist, I wish to create an easily accessible area that displays all my internet news releases on one page of links. This is a work in progress, so forgive the lack of content in my early stages of building this site.
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Ralfdog Activities

This link direct you to a page of my activities that may not have news releases. I refer to such projects as print exchanges, acceptance into collections. university class activities, inclusion in professional publications, or inclusion into regional or competitive exhibitions. Additionally, this page is devoted to artworks in progress, discussing processes, concepts, or unique challenges related to the work.
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Student Gallery

This is a special gallery site devoted to recent works by my students. This provides a venue for students to discuss their work, as well as, provide content for personal critiques. This is particularly important where concept receives the added scrutiny, in the case of graduate thesis work or undergraduate honors thesis.
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Favorite Art Links

This area will provide essentially a list of favorite links, with brief descriptions of each site. This may include personal websites of students or my favorite artists who have left an impact on the way I work or teach. It will also include important technical sites and favorite forums of s or other disciplines.
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Ralph slatton is web and professor in charge of ETSU Printmaking Program.